Temperature Humidity Chamber

Model: MINI-27-0-P Model: MINI-50-0-P
PRICE: USD4,350.00 PRICE: USD4,650.00
  • Internal dimension:  D300×W300×H300 (mm)
  • External dimension:D840×W500×H760 (mm)
  • Temperature range:0℃~+100℃4.
  • Controller: Doaho Colour touch screen program controller 
  • Temperature accuracy:±0.5℃ 
  • Temperature uniformity: ±2℃ 
  • Humidity range:10%~98%RH with accracy of ±2% 
  • Humidity uniformity/:±3%
  • Internal dimension:D370×W370×H370 (mm)
  • External dimension:D1100×W570×H1100 (mm)
  • Temperature range:0℃~+100℃
  • Controller: Doaho Colour touch screen program controller
  • Temperature accuracy:±0.5℃
  • Temperature uniformity: ±2℃
  • Humidity range:20%~98%RH with accracy of ±2%
  • Humidity uniformity/:±3%

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EQTech benchtop temperature and humidity chamber is make of quality construction and innovative technology serving a variety of industries for testing small components.

Temperatures range as low as -40°C (-104°F) with high temperatures to +180°C (+356°F) and humidity ranges from 20% to 98% RH.


Competitive Edges and Standard Features

- Specimen protection against condensation and over-tempering

- 1 standard entry ports (Ø50 mm)

- 1 insert shelves

- Fault diagnosis system for maintenance and repair 

- Observation window in door incl. test space lighting

- Air-cooled refrigeration system

- Networking capabilities via RS 232 or TCP/IP optional

- Powder-coated housing and stainless steel inner test space

- Intelligent airflow for high accuracies at various loadings

- Abandon temperature and humidity balance system with hot and cold resistance type, support for dual 95 test, suitable for long time stability test

- Humidity Chambers (TH-Models) only features

- Proprietary psychometric measurement system

- Humidity water tank with water level indicator

- Automatic replenishment feature (optional)

- Special port Plugs 

- 1 years of warranty 



 Operation with Color Touch Panel


The 7”color touch panel, suitable for graphics with a resolution of 800 x 480 Pixel (VGA), is part of the standard equipment.

It allows a convenient input of fixed values and program operation with graphic display of set points and actual values, the operating time and number of remaining cycles etc. Furthermore, the touch panel has the following special features: 


- Background-lit display

- Menu-guidance

- Easy programming of individual test programs 

- Safe storing of individual programs, which can be activated at any time 

- Operation state displayed by means of light diodes

- Languages (switchable)

- Standardized display of all parameters (temperature, humidity etc.)


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